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We are the top-rated tree service company- Thornapple Tree Service provides only the best care to our clients and their trees. We have built our reputation on skills and years of experience. Throughout the years, we have been performing only high-quality tree care that our customers can trust. Not only that we have the best staff in town, but also world-class equipment to help us complete every job on hand. Our team believes in the importance of customer care, and we aim to offer satisfaction to every property owner we provide our service to. More than a tree service company, we are a customer service contractor that will perform the best tree care for all your tree needs. You can depend on us no matter how small or complex the job is.

About Thornapple Tree Service Wyoming MI

We know the importance of every tree in your yard, that is why we make sure that we only work with the most qualified and reliable arborists in town. Our professional arborists and tree care personnel are all skilled and experienced in the field of tree care. You can expect us to take care not only for your single tree but your entire landscape. We understand that every tree makes up your whole landscape that is why we make an effort to keep it in good health for the benefit of your landscape. We have staff who are not just professionals in tree care, but as well as landscape maintenance. 

Your safety is our top priority, which is why we have secured ourselves with a license, insurance, and bond. We want you to have the peace of mind that you will not be liable in any way, in case an unprecedented event happens while we work in your property. We willingly offer you our documentation as proof of our professionalism and conscientiousness in the job. On top of that, we also provide our regular employees with worker’s compensation because their welfare and security matter to us. 

Tree service is not an easy business that is why we utilize the best equipment in the market to help us with every job we do. You can trust that all our tools and equipment are in tip-top condition and are well-maintained. From our chainsaws to our trucks, every single one of them is top-rated and first-class. Because of that, we can perform more complex jobs and large-scale projects than our competitors. If our customers prefer us not to use our heavy equipment fearing that it can damage their landscape, we can still get the job done by using our safety climbing harnesses. Even in situations where our equipment doesn’t fit your yard, this will not stop us from completing the task. We can provide a number of options and alternatives for your satisfaction. 

We are aware of the tough competition in this industry. However, we want to warn our prospective clients about the danger of hiring tree companies that go door-to-door offering their services. Most of these “companies” are set to trick you into purchasing their service for a low price, but they don’t have the right credentials to get the job done. They are not insured, licensed, and bonded, which puts you atrisk of being financially and legally responsible in case of an accident. Also, they don’t provide ample worker’s compensation for their staff, which makes it even worse. We urge you to be wise in choosing your tree service company.

    Whether it is residential, commercial, development properties, or large-scale projects, we can do it without a doubt. There is no job that is too difficult for us to tackle because we are all professionals and experienced in tree care. Thornapple Tree Service assures you of 100% quality work at reasonable prices. 

    We perform every job with the utmost professionalism. We will be there on the day of the scheduled tree service and stick to our agreed contract. Your satisfaction is what fuels us to do our best in every project, and we want to give you only high-quality tree care and customer care. Regardless of how small or large the job is, we will happily complete it with the best of what we can. If you have any tree concerns, you know the company to call. We cater to all your tree care needs and more. Your trust and loyalty are important to us, and we ought to earn and keep them. 

    Here is a summary of the tree care services we offer. If you wish to learn more about each service, you can see them in the Service menu at the top of this page.

    Picture of our crew member in a tree trimming dead branches for a customer in Wyoming, MI
    Our tree climber in tree wearing safety gear cutting down large tree sections at a time for our customer in Wyoming, MI
    Picture of a bucket truck being used to cut down large branches from a very tall tree in Wyoming, MI

    Tree Removal

    Trees are a wonderful part of the ecosystem and a beautiful part of your yard. However, certain situations lead to the need for them to be removed. Tree removal can’t be helped for several reasons, including if it’s dying, dead, or posing a threat to your safety. A diseased tree is also a candidate for tree removal. Trees also get affected by intense storms or high winds, which lead to their sudden deterioration. Aside from these health and safety reasons, tree removal can also be done for aesthetic purposes. If your tree is posing a hazard to your property and other structures in your area, it should be removed as well. Overgrown trees that entangle power lines or touch your roof or window can be hazardous. You have to be reminded that most insurance companies deny damage claims if they find out that your tree touches any part of your home. Whatever the reason for tree removal, We can efficiently eliminate it for a reasonable price. 

    Although tree removal isn’t totally complicated, it does entail careful thought, right knowledge, and proper execution. Even if tree removal involves power lines or fixed structures, we can still complete the job with the utmost efficiency and safety. Tree removal begins with a professional representative from our team coming to your property or business to evaluate the tree to be removed as well as the surrounding area. During the visit, we will discuss with you the approach that we will use as well as a firm estimate for the job to be done. Once you agree to our quote, we can set the day and time for the tree removal. We will provide you with a written quote where the details of the job are specified, including the services involved in the job. We can use either our heavy equipment or safety climbing harnesses depending on your preference and the situation. Our ground crew will make sure the site is free from dirt or any debris throughout the entire process of tree removal. We always bring our chipper and station it on the street to take care of small wood and branches. Rest assured that when we leave for the day, the job is all done and your property is as clean as we have first seen it- even better! If you want the best tree removal Wymoning MI service in the local area, Thornapple Tree Service can provide it for you.

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    Tree Trimming

    Tree trimming and pruning are horticulture practices that entail both art and science. Unfortunately, many tree companies don’t know how to apply both properly and make grave mistakes in the process. While trimming and pruning can benefit the tree in many ways, it can also be the reason for its sudden death if done haphazardly. Further, tree trimming is not very popular among property owners, not knowing that it can be an effective way to improve their tree’s aesthetics and health. When it comes to tree trimming, we utilize our three essential objectives for a favorable result:

    • Get rid of any dead, damaged, or hazardous limbs and branches
    • Enhance the tree’s structure and symmetry, especially overgrown ones
    • Use the opportunity to assess the current state of the tree

    If you make time to drive or walk around your neighborhood, you would realize that a lot of trees can use a good trimming. If you want a healthy-looking tree, professional trimming is the way to go. Many property owners don’t see the importance of tree maintenance until they have a diseased tree in the middle of their yard. You can make all the difference by hiring a reputable tree company in the local area. 

    Our tree trimming process is similar to our tree removal with one of our professional staff visiting your property or business to evaluate the current state of your tree, as well the site. We will walk you through the process of tree trimming and provide you with professional advice. After that, we will offer you a firm price quote and set a schedule for tree trimming. If possible, we will utilize our heavy equipment in your yard, but if you prefer us not to, we can always use our safety harnesses to complete the task. Either way, you can still expect the same quality of outcome from our team. Throughout the process, our service ground crew will maintain cleanliness in the worksite. We will clear the area of any branch, limb, and other tree debris to ensure the cleanliness in your property. Feel free to give your recommendations and guide us while we work on your tree because we want to consider your thoughts as well. After we are done for the day, your tree will look healthier and more attractive. Your entire landscape will have a better look thanks to a well-trimmed tree. You will never know we were there because we will not leave any trace of our presence in your yard.

    Picture of our crew member in an old tree cutting dead branches for a customer in Wyoming, MI
    Picture of an employee pruning trees for a customer in Wyoming, MI

    Stump Grinding

    After your tree has been eliminated, the next thing for you to think about is the remaining stump in your yard. Tree stumps can be a distraction to the beauty of your landscape. It can also draw pests and insects that can be a threat to the health of the trees in your yard. We can remove all types of stumps, regardless of their size and age. 

    Our company owns state of the art stump grinding equipment to help us tackle any stump grinding task our customers may have for us. Whether we removed your tree or not, we are more than willing and able to remove the stump for you. Although the job can be messy, we can make it look easy and seamless with our knowledge and proper equipment. 

    Like any other jobs we do, our representative will come to your place to assess the stump to be removed. We will then offer you our service quote and set a schedule for the job to be completed. We can turn a messy situation into a professionally-done work and restore the order and beauty of your landscape. Finally, we can recycle the chips into mulch or use them as firewood.

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    Storm Damage

    Trees can suffer significant damage due to storms, and this can impact your landscape. When you are dealing with tree emergency, call us immediately and we will be right there at your doorstep in no time. Our storm damage response team is available 24/7 and is ready to render service whatever the circumstance is. 

    Storms come anytime; that is why we offer our service round the clock for our clients in need. We are a full-service tree company with the right equipment and ample years of experience that can alleviate your stress brought by storm damage.

    Land Clearing Services

    Lot clearing is a large-scale job which can be difficult for other tree companies to handle. We are one of the few tree contractors in A city that can perform this job efficiently. This task entails the use of heavy equipment which we have, so you can be assured that the job will be done right. We can clear your land of trees and other nuisances in your property in a fast and safe manner. 

    We can also clear your backyards or other residential areas. Trust us to finish the job faster than most of our competitors do. 

    We are the top-rated tree company that can help you with all your lot clearing needs. Give us a call today and receive a free estimate of our lot clearing service.

    Firewood for Sale

    We have several seasoned firewood, which you can purchase for a reasonable price. Contact us today to schedule the delivery of the best firewood there is in town. You can also pick-up the firewood to save on the delivery cost.

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