Thornapple Tree Service Wyoming

Why Trimming a Tree?

Allow us to take care of your tree and enhance its natural beauty with our top-rated trimming and pruning services. Routine pruning and trimming goes beyond the aesthetic benefits but also makes sure you are safe from any threats that may be caused by a damaged branch or limb. Leaving a tree untrimmed doesn’t only make it unsightly but can also pose a hazard to your property and safety. Unmaintained trees can also be easy targets for storm damage, which makes them even more dangerous. Further, you might be denied of your damage claims by your insurance provider if they find out tree branches touch your house. 

Our team of professional tree experts is skilled in trimming every type of tree, no matter its size and species. Regular trimming keeps your tree in good shape and ensures its health for the years to come. We will take advantage of the opportunity and use it to assess the health of your tree further and offer you expert advice. You may not agree when we say that every tree in the local city needs a good trim. Trimming and pruning can benefit your trees in many ways, and impact the beauty of your landscape as well. Other trees in your yard can also benefit when you trim an overgrown tree because their limbs and branches will no longer overshadow them.

Tree Trimming Process

Thornapple Tree Service strictly follows the meticulous standard set by the Arbor Day Foundation. We perform every tree trimming using an organized approach to ensure we don’t cut the branch too close the trunk. Further, we don’t over trim your trees and keep their natural shape. For more than a decade, we have seen every species of trees indigenous to the city, which is why we are confident that we can handle all types of trees. We also consider the rest of your landscape, which is why we perform the job with the utmost care and efficiency. 

Our professional staff will come to your property to begin the assessment of the tree to be trimmed. We will offer you a free, no-obligation estimate for the service you need. Then, we can set a date and time when we can complete the tree trimming process. We want to make sure we consider your special instructions while making sure the health or your safety is not put on the line. Our ground service crew will ensure the cleanliness of the worksite by taking care of small branches and wood chips. We will reduce the size of all limbs into 3-foot segments for easier piling. Our chippers will be positioned on the street and will handle all tree-related debris. As we always do, we will end the process by making sure your yard is free from dirt and product of tree trimming.

    Tree Pruning

    You can depend on us to prune overgrown branches in your tree. Pruning, like trimming, is a crucial tool in keeping the aesthetics and health of a tree in check. It entails keeping the shape and natural structure of a tree by removing unwanted branches. Bottom growth and water shoots will also be eliminated to improve the tree’s appearance.  Call Thornapple Tree Service Wyoming today.