Thornapple Tree Service Wyoming

Why Remove a Tree?

Our tree removal is one of the most used services, second only to tree trimming, in the local area. It is safe to say that it is also the most complex service we cater to our clients. Tree removal may not be as difficult as it may seem, but it does entail careful planning, skills, and proper execution. Tree removal has been our primary offering since we were established, and we have virtually worked on all species and sizes of trees. We start the tree removal process by providing you with a complimentary estimate for the work to be done. One of our professional staffs will pay a visit to your property to assess the tree to be eliminated and discuss with you the details of the service. We will consider the type and size of the tree, as well as the surrounding area that can affect the entire process of tree removal. Every tree differs from another, so we need to use a unique approach to eliminate each one. During this visit, feel free to let us know about your preferences and other special instructions, and we will gladly consider them. We can pile the wood anywhere in your property if you request us to do so. We can draft the service quote on the same day of our visit and leave it for you to decide on. Our team can also help you decide on the schedule of tree removal to make sure we work at your most convenient time. Rest assured that you will be nothing but satisfied with our professionalism and skills at work.

Tree Removal Process

On the day of our tree removal appointment, our staff will get in touch with you to confirm the time of our arrival. Allow us a two-hour window because we want to make sure our previous clients are satisfied with our work. 

Tree removal formally commences when our foreman designates specific jobs to each team member. Our team typically consists of a ground crew, lead cutter, branch cutter, and chipper. We perform tree removal in an organized and systematic manner, beginning on top, and working our way down. Using either our heavy equipment or safety climbing harness, we will cut the tree one branch at a time and lower them to the ground. Once on the ground, our ground crew will take care of them and reduce them into smaller segments. Our chippers will handle small wood and other tree debris. This process will go on until we only have the main trunk to work on. Rest assured that the area will be kept clean by our ground crew while we complete the tree removal process.

You will be left to deal with a stump once we remove your tree. You have an option to have us remove it or to leave it be. If you decide for us to grind it, we will cut the trunk as close to the level of the ground for a more efficient grinding process. This can be a messy undertaking, but you can trust us to leave your place free from any sign of tree debris. When our tree service team leaves, your yard will look as good as before.