Thornapple Tree Service Wyoming

Stump Removal

We deal with stumps in two ways: removing it using heavy equipment or grinding it until it is under the ground and no longer in sight. In most cases, commercial lands and development choose complete stump removal, while homeowners opt for stump grinding because it is less damaging to their landscape. 

The process of stump grinding is sure a messy job, but rest assured that Thornapple Tree Service Wyoming can perform this as seamless as possible. We take pride in our ability to finish the job fast and safe with the use of our state of the art Morbark grinders. Stump grinding will require us to use our heavy-duty grinders and place it above the stump to begin the process of milling. You can have peace of mind that there will be no marks left by our equipment. If there would be any, it would be gone in a few days. We make sure not to harm any plantings in your landscape while we do the job. 

Every stump is unique, which is why they also differ in terms of the level of difficulty in grinding them. Conifers like Pines and Cedars make the easiest to grind while hardwoods can be tough. Further, the age of the stump also plays a factor in the challenge involved in stump grinding. Another factor that comes to play is the root system. If the tree has a shallow root structure, it will take more time and effort to get it done. Regardless of the type of stump, our team can reduce it to the ground using our world-class stump grinders.

How We Grind a Stump

We employ a systematic five-step procedure when grinding stumps:

  • We get rid of any debris in the worksite, including gravel, rock, and other forms of dirt, using a rake and a shovel. 
  • With a chainsaw, we will decrease the size of the stump until it is closest to the ground. By doing this, we can minimize the amount of stump that needs to be worked on.
  • We will place the stump grinder over the stump, at least three to six inches away from it then start the grinding process. The blades of the grinding will move back and forth to mill the whole stump down. 
  • This process will go on until the stump is below the ground, approximately three to six inches. 

    • Finally, we will make sure the site is free of debris such as wood chips. If you prefer us to replant the area with sod or grass seed, we will gladly do so. 

    Stump grinding can take up to 90 minutes at maximum, considering the size, species, and age of the tree. It can also produce an overwhelming amount of dirt and wood chips in the surrounding area, but we do our best to clean the site and reuse the wood chips in an eco-friendly way. 

    If you have more than one stump in your yard, you can purchase our multiple-stump package and get discounts. We also offer special discounts if you avail of our several service offerings. Contact us for all your stump grinding needs.